Most States Run In A Day

A brief timeline & written history of Josh Sanders, Coree Aussem-Woltering, Christina Bray, Steve Miazgowicz & Lori Money’s record breaking run for most states run in one day: 18.

2:08am - I’m up. It’s early. The next 36 hours ought to be a real fun whirwind.

4:34am - We’ve picked up Coree. There is apparently a chicken broil in Manchester, MI. And from the signs, its THE chicken broil. Guess we’ll have to come back for that?

5:03am - Longest security line I’ve seen in Detroit in years. Actually took 19 minutes to get through. This airport isn’t that bad.

5:29am - McDonald’s isn’t open. This is the worst airport in the history of the world.

5:36am - McDonald’s opened. Apparently at exactly 5:36am. Gonna have to change the hours on Yelp. I feel better eating here when I’m with Coree, I mean, it’s working for him.

8:53am - Brief layover in Charlotte. There was Starbucks for everyone. Caffine is beautiful. I think it’s what unicorns are made of.


11:07am - On the ground in Atlanta after one of Hartsfields world famous “20 minute taxi’s” on the runway. If you’ve flown into the ATL you know exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks for the memories American Airlines. Flight over, time to drive.

12:44pm - We’re in the rental minivan. Coree is my co-pilot. The ladies are ruling the middle seats while birthday boy Steve has the back bench to himself and his Steven King novels. Over 1,500 miles of driving coming right up!


2:30pm -START! Ended up starting 30 min later than planned but I’m sure this will in no way haunt us when we arrive in NYC traffic closer to rush hour. Ran a mile in Georgia right on the border of SC on the banks of Lake Hartwell. Got bit by a fire ant while taking the finisher photo. Fire ants would make a horrible pet.

4:04pm - South Carolina was finished with a lovely mile run down the Jones Gap State Park road. I’m 2 for 2 in planning scenic routes and 2 for 2 in planning routes with enough elevation to get a few snarky comments from the gang. 1hr, 34min elapsed. 2 minutes behind 24hr pace but don’t you worry, we’ll run faster from now on.

4:41pm - State #3 is finished as we ran a mile in Asheville, NC along the banks of the French Broad River. 2hr, 11min elapsed. 1 minute ahead of pace. I TOLD YOU we would run faster.

5:43pm - Are you from Tennessee? Cuz’ your the only 10 I see. Anyways, this is the 3rd straight mile we’ve run in mountains and I’m a happy camper. I’m glad I wore a maroon colored shirt because both Coree and Steve wore blue and it would just be too awkward if we all matched. 2 minutes behind pace but we lined up Domino’s Pizza in two hours in Virginia, so I smell a delicious comeback.

6:29pm - I’ve made several hilarious jokes that no one laughed at. I’m going to make them all run straight up a mountain pass on the Kentucky border next… we’ll see whose laughing then.

7:31pm - Kentucky is finished! I would like to apologize to my 4 running compadres for the extreme elevation gain of my Kentucky route. Love you! 5 states and counting…

7:33pm - “Virginia is for lovers” - Coree. “That’s cute, it should be a billboard” - Christina (Coree points to billboard that states “Virginia is for lovers”.)

8:58pm - Ran a mile into the western Virginia sunset. I filled up the van while Coree ran to get pizza and then we sprinted our miles to save time. I love efficiency. It’s more important than trust in any successful relationship and you can put that in the bank. 6hr, 28min elapsed. 5 min behind pace but now that we have pizza, we’re gonna crush this long drive to WV.

1:43am - West Virginia, Mountain Mamma, take me hooooome… State #7 is done. Ran across the Shenandoah River bridge on the Appalachian Trail route. This is the first of only 4 runs to be done at night. 11hr, 13min elapsed and a 7 minute lead on record pace.

1:47am - Super effecient fuel stop. Filled the tank, bought coffee and coke and were back in the van and on the road in less than 4 minutes. Efficiency. It’s sexy.


2:30am - Chose a Maryland route before Baltimore to allow multipe routes through the city based on least traffic. It meant running a mile in the boondocks. Didn’t realize there was a hill there. I’m a little worried about a possible mutiny since I’ve somehow managed to pick the most hilly places in all 18 states to run. I have to remind them of the old Chinese Proverb: “Hills build character and character builds efficiency and efficiency is sexy.” - Unknown


4:01am - My Delaware route not only had NO hills but ran directly past an open Dunkin Donuts. I sprinted into the store mid-run and ran the last 1/3 mile with a dozen donuts. Thinking about creating a Strava Segment that involves buying donuts. We’re 5 minutes ahead of pace.


4:47am - The Pennsylvania route was pretty awesome. Ran along a huge sidewalk that linked all the major sports teams stadiums. Pancake flat and urban cute. Rumors of a mutiny are subsiding. The donuts helped. Nearly 15 minutes ahead of record pace now.

5:28am - Somehow got turned around in Philly and lost 6 minutes of time. Then managed to take the wrong exit and lost another 5-6 minutes. Philly isn’t efficient and I’m sad about it.

6:15am - Gave up our sweet New Jersey running route on the Husdon River due to traffic getting bad in the city. Ran a mile in a lame subdivision instead. I guess sometimes efficiency isn’t sexy. Sun is up and it’s a lovely day though! Taking fastest route through NYC now.

7:34am - Ran to the ocean in Rye, NY. Parked in a gas station parking lot that had an adorable little coffee/bagel place attached to it. Ordered coffee/food while driving to pick up to go. We’re 10 min behind pace after hitting NYC traffic but have enough fuel to finish without a pit stop and enough latte’s to finish without a mutiny. The ocean was beautiful.

9:09am - Ran a mile in Connecticut by running on a bridge over the CT River. I’m getting really good at updating this website, uploading Strava, pulling up directions to the next stop and FaceTiming the boys while running a mile in a random state. One day I’ll meet someone who values efficiency as much as myself and we’ll start an LLC and probably rule a kingdom within 3 weeks.

10:11am - I thought it would be fun to run to the highest point of Rhode Island since it was literally right on the border where we would drive to. I described it as a “little hill” and was just told that if a hill is over 100’ high, I can’t call it little. I’ve been given an A+ for picking the most scenic routes on the trip and a solid D- for picking easy and flat spots. Still ten minutes behind pace. No margin for error.

11:17am - Massachusetts mile is done. Abandoned planned route to try and save 1-2 minutes. Parked immediately off the exit and ran our mile. Just under 21 hours elapsed and still sitting nearly 10 min off pace to finish all 18 in less than 24 hours.


12:23pm - Mile in Maine is done! Sad to abandon our planned route of running across Badger Island but it saved us at least 2 minutes to run the first turn off the exit. It was a little half mile road and it has a Strava segment. Coree set a new KOM on the segment and I kind of hope whoever had it previously knows who he is and wonders why in the literal heck Coree Woltering drove across the country to stop in Maine for 7 minutes to break a segment.


2:05pm - We made up a ton of time the last two stops by running at the first safe place to park the van and hitting zero traffic. Finished New Hampshire with a 2 minute lead on record pace after being over 10 minutes down just 2 hours ago. The originally NH route was to run along a river but was faster to stop at the park n’ ride which featured a huge hill. New goal is to also get a vertical kilometer of gain on this trip. That goal makes me happy. The girls may slap me at the finish line.


Google Maps is saying we’ll arrive in Vermont to complete our last mile with 12 minutes left on the clock. There is a lane closure on the border causing delays. As long as those delays are less than 5 minutes, all of us will get this done before the clock strikes 24 hours.

2:19pm - Arrived in Vermont. We have 11 minutes to run this mile and make it happen.

2:25pm - Finished my mile to complete 18 states with at least 1 mile run in 23 hours and 55 minutes with Coree. Everyone was finished by 23 hours, 58 minutes. 24 hours of driving and running and hills and we reached our goal by a few minutes. Every. Second. Counts.

3:13pm - Big Fatties BBQ in White River Junction, VT is legit. Celebratory beers for all.


18 - states in 24 hours with at least 1.01 miles run
1,398’ - total elevation gain of all 18 miles/states run
18.67 - Total distance run in 18 states
6:24 - Fastest mile run (Vermont)
8:16 - Slowest mile run (West Virginia)
7:23 - Average mile pace for all 18 miles/states run
1,348 - Total miles driven between state 1 and state 18
23:55 - Total hours/minutes of entire trip start to finish
2:18 - Total hours/minutes spent running
21:37 - Total hours/minutes NOT running